Additional Pet Boarding

In addition to cats and dogs, our team are happy to look after a variety of small pets.

We have hutches to house guinea pigs, birds and rabbits, as well as temperature-controlled terrariums for reptiles. You can rely on our team to accommodate the particular dietary requirements your pet has. Your most welcome to bring your own enclosure for your pet if they are more comfortable there.

You can rest assured your furred, scaled or feathered friend will be well looked after at A1 Kennels & Cattery. If your pet type is not on the list below, simply call us and we will see if we can accommodate them.


Blue tongued lizards, bearded dragons, and other lizards can be looked after by our team. Our terrariums are kept at the optimal temperature, and there is plenty of room for your lizard to explore. We regularly clean our terrariums, handling your reptile with the utmost care. You are more than welcome to supply your lizard's preferred diet.

To find out more about our Darwin lizard boarding services, contact us today.


We have a number of tanks available to accommodate a variety of snake species, from tree snakes to pythons. Our team understand that no two snakes are alike, and we will make sure that all dietary and health needs are accommodated. Each of our tanks are securely sealed and have natural foliage and rocks to keep your snake comfortable. We clean all tanks on a regular basis.

To organise boarding for your pet snake, get in touch with us today.


Our team are able to look after parrots, budgies, finches and other birds. Our cages allow for plenty of room for your feathered friends to spread their wings, and our staff will make sure they are happy and healthy during their stay. PLEASE NOTE we no longer look after chickens.

To organise a Darwin bird boarding service with our friendly staff, don't hesitate to contact us.


At A1, we offer the very best in bunny boarding. We have a number of comfortable hutches available and well spread out to prevent multiplications. Our team will ensure you rabbit receives fibre-rich food, fresh hay, room for exercise and a clean, comfortable well ventilated hutch.

To book a hutch for your rabbit, don't hesitate to call or hop on down to A1 Kennels & Cattery today.

Guinea pigs

Keep your guinea pigs safe and celibate while you are away with A1 Kennels and Cattery. We have specialised enclosures where your guinea pigs can play to their heart's content. We will feed your guinea pig a nutritious diet and clean their enclosures regularly.

Be sure to call A1 Kennels & Cattery to book a spot for your guinea pig today.


Turtles are renowned for being high-maintenance pets, with each breed requiring particular conditions and food in order to remain healthy. Fortunately, at A1, we have terrariums to suite all turtle types. We will schedule feeding times according to your turtles requirements, and our enclosures have plenty of room for your turtle to swim to their heart's content.

Keep your turtle safe and sound without shelling out a fortune. Call or visit A1 Kennels & Cattery today.

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