At our Darwin Kennels, we always treat the dogs in our care as if they were our own.

We have plenty of facilities to keep tails wagging. During their stay, your pooch can enjoy wide open spaces to play in, a sand pit where they can dig to their heart's content, and a swimming pool for doggy paddling.

Whatever the size and personality of your dog, we will spare no effort to ensure their stay is as enjoyable as possible. The safety of your pet is our first priority, and we have access to emergency Veterinarian services 24/7. All dog enclosures have shady areas and shell pools to ensure maximum comfort.

We have 4 different types of pens available at A1 Kennels, including family pens, little pens, sand pens and socialising pens.

Little Dogs

We have a dedicated block of comfy kennels designed specifically to accommodate smaller dog breeds (schnauzers, terriers, pugs, etc.) These are located away from the kennels where larger dogs are boarded to avoid intimidation. Each of our small dog kennels are designed to keep the occupant protected from the tropical wet season and cool in the dry seasons.

At our Darwin dog boarding centre, we know how important it is for dogs to receive regular exercise to remain healthy and happy. We have a large run area, with a concrete path around the perimeter to keep little paws dry. There are also rocks for your dog to climb over and lots of space for digging. We supervise all dog socialising, ensuring that all our guests play nice.

To organise a room for your fur baby, don't hesitate to contact us today.

Medium and Large Sized Dogs

The kennels we have to accommodate single medium and large sized dog are in blocks of 4 to each run area.

We have plenty of shady, wide open spaces in which your dog can run and play. For dogs who love to get wet, we even have shell pool facilities. Our dedicated team ensure all dogs are well supervised at all times. We alternate exercise times throughout the day to ensure all dogs are catered for in the safest way possible.

For first rate pet accommodation that is sure to keep tails wagging, A1 kennels is the obvious choice. Call us to arrange a booking today.

Doggy Families

At A1, we understand the anxiety that can occur when dogs in the same family are separated. To prevent this, we have 14 family kennels. These extra large spaces can accommodate 2 to 4 dogs. There are shaded running areas for doggy families to enjoy, and our staff will provide supervision during feeding time to ensure each pooch gets their fair share.

The comfort and safety of your dogs is of the utmost importance to us. Our kennels are designed to remain securely locked in the event of a thunderstorm, and our compassionate staff will spare no effort to keep your dog as calm and relaxed as possible. We also offer sand pens to cater for allergy-prone fur babies, such as staffies.

To find out more about our dog family areas, contact one of our friendly staff today.


We have 4 kennels devoted to dogs suffering from illness and injury.

Our confinement kennels are located close to the main house at the premises, tranquilly secluded from the rest of the kennels to ensure peace and privacy. All the dogs in the confinement area receive close supervision.

Additional Information

Veterinary Services

We have a vet on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to promptly address any health situations that arise. You can rest easy knowing we will treat your beloved pets as if they were our own.

Fleas & Ticks

To ensure all the pets in our care are protected, we reserve the right to provide flea and tick treatments at your expense should they be discovered on your pet. Dogs may wear flea collars during their stay. We always make it a point to inspect our guests for parasites to ensure a clean and healthy premises. For hygiene purposes, we strongly advise you check your dog for fleas and ticks prior to admission. If your animal has a problem with ticks or fleas, please phone us to discuss the best ways to eliminate these problems in the early stages. We recommend tick injections for dogs.


We serve all dogs in our care Meals for Mutts, buffalo and chicken mince, the vet recommended diets for dogs. If your dog has a special dietary requirement or preferences, we are happy to accommodate where possible. Please feel free to bring these requirements in for your dog during their stay with us.


Our expert team offer a hydrobathing service using Malaseb shampoo with Pine Oil. In addition to leaving your dog's coat nice and shiny, hydrobathing is extremely effective for eliminating ticks and fleas.

All dogs who stay with us for a week or more are given a complimentary hydrobath before they go home. To protect the rest of the dogs in the kennels, if your dog arrives at the kennels with ticks present, we will hydrobath it before putting it in the kennels and a service fee will be charged to your account. We always ensure that the highest standard of hygiene is maintained at our kennels at all times.

If your dog has, or has recently had fleas or ticks, a monthly hydrobath is highly recommended. Enquire about our ongoing hydrobathing service for your dog!

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