Pet Daycare

Want to travel through the top end but worried about finding pet-friendly spots? Nervous about leaving your pet at home while you're at work! A1 Kennels & Cattery will come to your rescue!
We are happy to be your local Darwin pet day care centre. Whether you are spending the night at a camp site, heading in town for the day, or simply need someone to dog/cat sit while you run errands, we are the ideal solution. Our rates are very competitive, and we will make sure your fur baby receives all the love, care and attention they need.
If you are on a caravanning adventure with your dog, and want to experience the best that Darwin has to offer, it's important to note that many national parks have strong restrictions on the presence of pets.
To ensure you don't cop a major fine, check-in your pet with us. We will take good care of your four-legged friend while you explore natural wonders at your leisure. Your pet will be kept well entertained, as we have plenty of open play space. Nutritious meals are also served at regular intervals to our pet patrons.

To find out more about our daycare service, or to organise a place for your pet, call or email us today.

Animals We Accommodate:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs
  • Snakes (tree snakes, pythons, etc)
  • Turtles
  • Lizards (blue tongued lizards, skinks, bearded dragons, etc)

Your pet not on the list? Give us a call. We'll try our best to accommodate them.

Hydrobathing Service

We provide revitalising hydrobathing for dogs. In addition to getting coats nice and shiny, our hydrobathing is great for eliminating ticks and fleas. We use natural products and we are committed to keeping the dogs in our care calm and relaxed during the treatment.

All dogs who stay with us for a week or more are given a complimentary hydrobath before they go home. To protect the rest of the dogs in the kennels, if your dog arrives at the kennels with ticks we will hydrobath it before putting it in the kennels and a service fee will be charged to your account. As we are sure you will appreciate and understand our concerns on ensuring a high quality standard of hygiene is maintained at all times in our kennels.

To organise a Darwin pet hydrobathing service with our team, contact us today.